ID Browser Backup

ID Browser Backup 1.2

ID Browser Backup helps you make backups of all browsers` files...

ID Browser Backup helps you make backups of all browsers` files that you wish to keep in a private location, protected under a password, and kept away form unauthorized access.

It offers the possibility to make backups for a large variety of browser extension, for bookmarks, history and contact files, mail options, cache files, etc Offers backup and restore support for the following extensions: Bookmarks Synchronizer, Scrapbook, Tab browser Preferences, View Source With etc Alerts you whenever it attempts to make backups of any browser extension.

ID Browser Backup protects your privacy by letting you choose the option of not making any backups, and being aware of the backup process. ID Browser Backup gives you the opportunity to make profile backups, so that you can access each profile`s saved files by double-clicking on it.

Provides protective restoration password. ID Browser Backup only approves authorized access to backup files, and will only restore files after the right password is provided.

ID Browser Backup allows multiple profiles to be made in the form of backups in their own profile space, using the same application. You don`t have to run twice the program in order to make two profiles.

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